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Rso tried Facebook Dating so you don’tau ever have preciso put yourself through it

Giammai. Of course I didn’t have high hopes for Facebook Dating. But what Volte did have was a great deal of morbid curiosity, and an insatiable desire for attention.

Volte find it hard preciso not give verso new dating app vibe per try. You really do just never know how they’re going to be. I’ve had them all, preciso varying success. Grindr is cursed but I enjoy the attention and, well, the nudes. Tinder is per glitchy mess but the majority of people looking for love are on it, so the talent pool is wide and there’s always someone preciso match with. Volte met my ora non piu on Hinge, and think it’s actually got the perfected espressione for per good dating app.

But what about Facebook Dating? Is it any good? It’s been out sopra Europe since , so why’ve Volte never heard anything from it?

Well, Rso needed to find out for my own peace of mind. I’ve been playing about on it Facebook Dating for just over verso week now, and this is my final verdict on if it’s worth bothering.

Setting up my profile

Sicuro do it, you head sicuro the menu section on the Facebook app, and you should see a tab for Dating just under Memories on the right hand side. Once you click on that, you’ll be walked through the steps on how puro get going. It’s the usual stuff that you’d find on Tinder or Hinge; education, smoker/non smoker, bios. It lets you do per mix of pictures and conciliabule starters, like Hinge. The gang’s all here.

The feature stresses from the start that it won’t suggest current Facebook friends sopra Dating and they won’t share any activity or swiping you get up to on it with your friends list.

And there’s per niente app, you’ve just got sicuro do it all through the normal one for Facebook. But more of that durante per bit.

Is there any good stuff about Facebook Dating?

The major one is that unlike Tinder, you can see who’s liked you. When you go on puro Facebook Dating, there are three tabs: Profile, Liked You and Matches. On Liked You, you’ll get per number of your likes and then you can swipe exclusively through them con a Tinder-esque style.

It’s definitely a great thing seeing all the people that want esatto confronto with you just readily available, considering on Tinder preciso get that you’re looking verso paying ?15 a month for the privilege.

I’m not sure if this next one is verso favore or per mediante. Rso guess it would depend on where you fall on the matter. But it’s one of Facebook Dating’s most unique features, so I’ve gotta mention it.

FB Dating has a feature called Secret Crush. With this feature, it lets you add up puro nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as secret crushes. They’ll get verso notification saying “someone’s added you as a secret crush per Dating”. If they also end up adding you as per secret crush on their Facebook Dating, you’ll confronto.

So if you can face up esatto your crush knowing you use Facebook Dating, this is the feature for you!

The bad

First of all, the lack of app means giammai notifications. At all. Volte matched with a few lads, but the discussion never went anywhere because it would take either of us days sicuro reply when we remembered sicuro check the app adulti per incontri sui 30 Dating tab. It’s just not convenient having Dating shunted sopra this little tab on the main app, and I think it’d be per big improvement if it had its own app like Facebook Messenger does.

But the biggest bad with Facebook Dating actually has very little esatto do with the service itself. It’s to do with the people who use it.

Facebook isn’t the young person hotspot it once was when we were teenagers. Rso can’t remember the last time Volte put verso Facebook stato up for any other purpose than onesto broadly inform family members and older acquaintances Rso know that perhaps don’t use Instagram or Twitter of anything important per my life. New jobs, moving cities. That kind of thing. Facebook isn’t really the scrolling haven of accommodant media it was con its hey day. Not for people our age, anyway.

There’s a reason none of your mates talk about that fit lad they’re obsessed with that they’ve spent all night talking onesto on Facebook Dating. It just doesn’t happen.

I’ve spent verso good while over the last week swiping on Facebook Dating, and it’s boring. The people who use it blend into one. Everyone looks like they’ve never left the town they were born mediante. Every bio looks like it was written by verso bot. It’s the kind of thing you sit and scroll on and end up sending your mental health into an existential crisis.

On several occasions, I’d go on Dating and see Rso had around 30 likes. I’d clear through them, excited preciso swipe and find my next fella, esatto be greeted with not verso celibe person I’m interested durante. Day after day. It’s tedious, and makes you sit there thinking why the hell have Volte even bothered preciso serie this up?

Bastoncino onesto Tinder. Stick onesto Hinge. They’ve already got everything that’s being offered here. Make giammai mistake, all dating apps are quite cursed. But at least on the tried and tested classics you might find someone actually worth going for a festicciola with.

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